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A fact about Oscar: He was only three-years-old when his father, Oscar dos Santos Sr, was tragically killed in a car crash.

Oscar said: “You want to know your dad is watching your games, following your progress, even if it’s from afar. Football is something you share with your father, and that is something I do not have. I see other players who can do that with their dads and it still affects me, every day.”

"Why didn’t my father enrol me in English classes when I was a kid? Ha! Money!" Yes money! Instead? He gave you football boots.”

The Beautiful Game looks more stylish when your manager wears a nice suit. 





Brazilian police clash with indigenous groups protesting World Cup.

This is important.

The only kind of thing I’ll be posting about the World Cup

We will not see this on the main stream news.


Mexico 1-0 Cameroon [WC 2014 Group A] 13/06/2014

World Cup Brazil 2014 - Manaus
Location of England vs Italy on June 14, Cameroon vs Croatia on June 18, USA vs Portugal on June 22 Honduras vs Switzerland on June 25.

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